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We don’t just offer interdisciplinary media services, delivered by straight talking experts. We wrote the book on exceptional PR, social media, marketing and comms evaluation.

A PRCA Approved Measurement Champion agency, this team spans industry-changing veterans with more than 20 years experience, and young digital natives alike.

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Our exceptional results are born from a hunger for original ideas and concepts, whether partnering with entrepreneurs and startups, or challengers and market leaders.

Clients understand exactly how we work, and what we achieve on their behalf.

Real momentum cannot be built through one channel, so we offer dynamism. Broad specialists, giving real solutions to modern requirements. And when they move, we do too.

Built on guiding principles of courage, inspiration, agility, restlessness, and accountability, together we can drive campaigns forward, raise profiles higher, and surpass expectations with new thinking, energy, innovation and ingenuity.

Welcome to Smoking Gun PR - fresh fuel for your engine.

​"I wanted an agency that matched our own ambitions an would feel part of my own team – and that's definitely what we have with Smoking Gun. We are ready to be pushed to the next level and our first few weeks together have already been game changing for the business." Joanna Jensen, founder of Childs Farm.

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The Blagger's Blog | May 5th 2018
Post by Martin SG

Blagger’s Blog – MCR stands ...

Weekly High

BBC Sport has unveiled a stunning advert for its forthcoming World Cup coverage— an animation made from an embroidered tapestry, with every frame the result of talent seam workers. The idea is to pay homage to traditional Russian textiles.

Weekly Low

Own goal of the week to the M&S press office who declined a…

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Tell us another: Storytelling tops PR ca...

The proof of a great yarn is not in the plot itself, but rather how that plot is delivered to the audience. This is no truer than when it comes to PR, and planning a PR campaign.

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How valuable is PR to reputation managem...

Lack of faith seems to be a common theme in the year 2018. As we mentioned on the blog last week, those GDPR emails are coming thick and fast, and they don’t exactly smack of public trust. Then there’s the ongoing menace of fake news. So how do brands avoid losing a reputation management war in this era of disbelief?

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Blagger’s Blog- Botswana over Disn...

Weekly High

The Committees of Advertising Practice have this week laid out the framework for new rules that would effectively ban harmful gender stereotypes from UK commercials. The move comes amid growing pressure to improve the portrayal of both men and women in campaigns.

Weekly Low

The US Air Force has been forced to apologise after sending…

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