Social networking for business: Will Facebook At Work work?

2df0ecc With half the country in full-on December swing it seems rather Grinch-ish to be focusing on what happens after Christmas. Nevertheless, January will be here before we know it, and as such it pays to be prepared. One of the biggest talking points of recent weeks, social-media-speaking, is the imminent arrival of Facebook At Work, which, according to some commentators,...

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PR thoughts: Why we think there should be an alternative Media 100

2585237-5933853650-no-gi So that was the year that was. Or near enough. December is well underway, which means everyone is about to start battling against the dreaded universal Out of Office replies, making public relations work harder than recovering from last night’s Christmas party. Meanwhile, as if we needed any more distractions, the Internet and print titles are churning out more lists...

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5 facts with stats to prove you need a mobile-friendly website, stat

Developing-Mobile-Learning-Which-Device-Are-You-Targeting Here at Smoking Gun PR we’re proud of our achievements as one of Manchester’s fastest growing award-winning public relations agencies. But we don’t just do public relations. As our services page will tell you in an instant, we also provide advice and assistance on digital marketing, design and web-build solutions, including developing mobile-friendly websites for clients at all levels. As...

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The Blagger’s Blog 28th November 2014

Westminster_cathedral_front A weekly roundup of media news and talking points, sans effort  

Thought for the Week 

“Well, the people’s army are not wholly trained… …They are enthusiastic volunteers, and volunteers make mistakes and that lady made a mistake.”” Ukip leader Nigel Farage, as quoted in The Guardian, trying to explain away why a representative of the party confused...

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Future plan, or die

best-free-happy-new-year-borders-clip-art-1 In the words of Phil Collins, you can feel it coming in the air tonight. That most special time of year is finally upon us, which, in addition to spending far too many hours in crammed shopping centres and drinking over-priced German beers in the freezing cold, means it’s time to both reflect and look forward with an eye on...

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