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Blagger’s Blog— YouTube lows, deep s...

Smoking Gun’s media news wrap, with Desperados underwater, YouTube in hot water, and China Eastern Airlines facing backlash after error judgement at 30,000ft.

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Perfect your millennial marketing strate...

We may be keen to show brands the ins and outs of millennial marketing, but it’s also worth getting ready for what’s just around the corner.

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Marketing to millennial consumers relies...

How do you reach the demographic that can’t be reached? For starters stop lumping them all together, then read these key points about millennial consumers.

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Influencer marketing: The good, bad and ...

Think you could be social media’s next big thing, or a leading online voice in your sector? We examine the reality beneath the influencer marketing facade.

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Blagger’s Blog— Fashion week, su...

Smoking Gun’s roundup of media news this time includes the new EU copyright directive, suffragettes and clothing without context during London Fashion Week.

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How to create a social media campaign fo...

There’s no definite answer when it comes to asking how to make a social media campaign that works, but there are steps to take that can maximise your efforts for good.

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Blagger’s Blog— Faith in humanity (a...

This week’s media news roundup— kind gesture goes viral, Amnesty ad impresses and Manchester loses the Mobike in PR catastrophe for our city.

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Does your social media marketing strateg...

Are you getting bogged down in vanity metrics such as likes and comments? We explain why social media marketing only works when you dig deeper.

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What is social media marketing doing for...

To answer ‘what is social media marketing doing for your brand identity?’ ask some other questions too, on everything from company history to product range.

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