Careful PR campaign planning can help you meet consumer needs

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While there are prevailing concerns regarding the fate of the UK economy during this, our last year as a member of the EU, according to research into British SMEs, conducted by American Express, confidence is far higher than it was 12 months ago.

So while just 14% of SMEs involved in the survey claimed to be optimistic going into 2017, a far more reassuring 57% of respondents said they had positive expectations going into 2018.

UK companies were also seen to be ahead of the global pack when it comes to understanding that changing consumer trends must be a real focus for businesses if they want to build brand loyalty and bolster revenue streams.

The United Kingdom was the most consumer-centric of all 12 countries involved in the study— which spanned Europe, North and Latin America and Asia Pacific. 45% of British firms said reacting to customer demands was vital for increasing profitability, with the worldwide average languishing at just 36%.

Effective PR campaign planning can be invaluable when it comes to staying up to date with these changing consumer trends.

What’s that about PR? 

At the core of public relations and any PR campaign is a keen grasp of what is popular, what works in terms of grabbing the public’s attention and the latest trends in consumer land.

What this means is that careful PR campaign planning, which takes these aspects into consideration, can be a huge benefit to brands for more reasons than the success of the individual campaign itself.

By understanding what the public wants, how it buys, reacts, interacts and views businesses, products and services, brands can rest assured they will have the knowledge required to engage with consumers effectively, giving them what they want, when they want it.

How do you keep up with consumer trends? 

There’s no right or wrong answer here— aside from one simple truth; in order to understand consumer trends you need to look to every possible source of information out there.

Smoking Gun’s Consumer Trend Summary 2018 is available to download now, and is a great place to look for help with PR campaign planning as it considers’s 100+ page report on the subject, hand-picking the most relevant information therein.

You’d also be wise to bookmark some of the leading online publications that look at comms, marketing, advertising, social and public relations. Oh, and don’t forget websites and magazines that are specific to your own sector, for example Music Week for those in show business, or The Grocer if retail is your forte.

With this in mind, the list of go-to websites for PR campaign planning is long and distinguished, but here are some recommended reads offering insights into comms, media and marketing, tak

*The Drum

*Marketing Week


*Media Guardian

*Stephen Waddington


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