At Smoking Gun PR we love a good story, admire the art of spinning yarns and crave the sense of adventure found in being imaginative. That’s why any brand requisitioning our services can expect genuine innovation and inventiveness.


In the unchartered digital age column inches can only go so far, meaning your choice of PR partner has never been more important. We pride ourselves on delivering ingenious media strategies fit for this new golden era of public relations exploration, mapping out quality press coverage whilst building direct conversations between our clients and their customers.


Strategic Public Relations 2014

By approaching campaigns strategically and holistically, our determined, ambitious and award winning team identify the key stakeholders for your business and create a comprehensive overview of the marketplace with which to target a wider customer base. Then, of course, the team hits the ideas workshop to develop groundbreaking content and concepts based on that information.


Once a campaign is launched we cast no channel adrift and instead engage with everyone from online fans to broadsheet scribes, constantly monitoring sentiment and dialogue to provide Smoking Gun evidence of your impact and reach. Rare proof that a public relations campaign is actually working, this combination of creativity and strategy represents our core principle- ingenious PR.


So when did you last listen to what your customers and stakeholders are saying? Call us and we’ll use our know-how to carry out a free communications audit, feed that into our computer and print out a PR blueprint to meet your needs. The first step towards a glorious, more coherent and comprehensive media master plan; it’s the only viable solution when it pays to think smart.