ITV’s digital plans should interest online PR agencies (and their clients)

itven-2 ITV News, one of the biggest names in UK current affairs broadcasting, has unveiled its biggest push into digital yet, with three unique programme formats heading for the brand’s website in the near future. Online PR agencies take note, then. It’s a major shift in terms of investment, to date the organisation has been less than eager to throw money...

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Public relations agency thoughts: #Royalwedding coverage (and jitters)

710x528_18884303_11051526_1498903479 So as you won’t have managed to miss, news hit last Monday that Prince Harry and his American squeeze Meghan Markle will be tying the knot in May 2018 at St. George’s Chapel in the grounds of Windsor Castle. Naturally, the UK and international press reacted by dedicating a good proportion of their content to the event, which is still around six months...

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5 Controversial Christmas campaigns

IMG_0392 We all know the deal with Season’s Greetings, right? Brands throw themselves into the spirit of December with the same gusto Santa chomps down on cookies, attempting to win our hearts— and purchasing decisions— through positive tales of people coming together, being nice to each other, and taking stock of their loved ones. But not all companies think in the...

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Best online platforms for digital storytelling

IMG_0391 The oldest art form in history has long since had its 21st Century awakening, but that doesn’t mean we all know the right tools with which to etch our tales into the world wide cave. Here are six of the most effective, and how best to use them.


Not just the daddy but the mummy of our list too,...

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