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Blagger’s Blog- The snap election special

IMG_0271 The Blagger’s Blog – a weekly roundup of media news, sans effort

Quote of the week

“Hitler promised not to invade Czechoslovakia, Jeremy. Welcome to the real world.” Peep Show’s Mark Corrigan, quoted by @thatgirlkath on Twitter, subsequently retweeted over 10,000 times, in reference to Theresa May’s decision to hold a snap general election in June, despite...

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Online advertising: If you’re buying on YouTube and Facebook, read this

Brightcove-vod-strategy4 Online advertising- not worth the paper it’s printed on. Or so say dissenting voices everywhere from printed media to the ad industry itself. For years the argument has been that banners and pop ups on websites are not as valuable or effective as placing a half or full page in a magazine or newspaper. The logic ranges from the more...

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Crisis management and travel PR: Where now for United?

airplane2 In recent weeks the Smoking Gun PR blog has had plenty of travel PR content. Maybe it’s the time of year, with many Britons who haven’t done so well in advance now scrambling to get their summer holiday plans in firmly in place. Perhaps it’s the ABTA Crisis Management Communications seminar we’re sponsoring in Manchester next month.

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