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Blagger’s Blog- Stephen Hawking, empty shoes, deep holes

Quote-of-the-Week-Hawking Weekly High This week there have been pro-gun control protests across the US, with students walking out of schools in a bid to try and promote change. Few stunts were more emotive than 7,000 empty pairs of shoes placed on the lawn of the Capitol Building in Washington, though; one for every child shot and killed in America since the...

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Has the influencer marketing ship sailed?

Origami paper sailboats, female woman leadership business concept, toning The brick and mortar business interests of two prominent social media-ites have hit very rocky times, leading to bankruptcy and closures. You might wonder how, if they can’t get people through the doors of their own stores, any brand could consider investing in influencer marketing,

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PR agency vs in-house comms: Do brands need some perspective?

business concept conflict megaphone businessman and businesswoman You could be a leading PR agency in Manchester, London, or another major city-player in the media game, with a stellar track record packed with public relations awards and top campaign results. Even then, the biggest battle is often proving why companies should outsource their comms.

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