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Blagger’s Blog— Bear’s Bulgarian grilling, Meghan’s BRIT, caddyskank

Smoking Gun’s roundup of media, marketing and PR news; survivalist in froggy hot water, Beyonce and Jay Z pay homage to US royal, golf caddy shortchanged.

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If you use social media for business these Facebook Group updates are...

Facebook Groups are the only way for brands to ensure fans see content. Here are some forthcoming changes set to make social media for business even better.

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Blagger’s Blog— Gambling, grime and roaches

Your weekly roundup of media news and talking points from Smoking Gun. This time with Valentine roaches, filthy news hosts and advertisers betting on kids.

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Blagger’s Blog— KLM holograms, Theresa’s warplane, Facebook Apple ban

Smoking Gun’s media and marketing news roundup this week; Theresa May won’t visit Europe via Spitfire, KLM unveils hologram guides and Apple cuts Facebook.

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January 2019 at Smoking Gun HQ

All the latest news from Smoking Gun PR in January 2019, name-checking Google, PR Moment Awards, and Deloitte; a list that could go on.

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Not working with us: 6 sexist Valentine adverts to prove we’re still...

It’s just two weeks until the most romantic day of the year, but brands still cause offence when creating Valentine’s campaigns. As these examples show.

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Social media masterclass: Turning fans into superfans

How do you encourage, attract and collaborate with your public social media champions? We talk you through the steps to guarantee superfans come flying in.

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Is manwashing marketing’s biggest new misdemeanour?

After Gillette’s toxic masculinity critique beware of marketing claiming to get woke without doing anything, says Smoking Gun’s MD Rick Guttridge

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Blagger’s Blog— The Day Today at 25, Gillette’s #MeToo moment, Wales isn’t...

Smoking Gun’s roundup of weekly media news, this time with ‘toxic masculinity’ targeted by new ad, classic British satire hitting 25 years young, and Labour mistaking Wales for Scotland.

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