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Blagger’s Blog— England’s pride, Trump in UK, The Handmaid’s wine

This week on the Blagger’s Blog, Smoking Gun’s regular roundup of media news, we’re commemorating England’s excellent run in the World Cup, celebrating Paddy Power’s anti-Trump (pro-Oprah) campaign, and wondering why anyone invented The Handmaid’s Tale range of wines.

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Why you need to understand your PR agency

The integrated dream is great, until it begins to stifle the creativity of your PR agency. Fully understanding what this area of comms does is the only way to ensure a successful working relationship, and top-drawer ROI.

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Blagger’s Blog— #NorthernFail, TIME drones, the trouble with Lush

Weekly High Who says all the great ideas have been done? Certainly not TIME Magazine, which just created its cover,…

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GDPR – Comms disaster of the decade?

Opt-in or opt-out, despite the deadline now having passed for businesses to clean up their processes with regard to storing…

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Usage insights: The time well-spent movement and nanny state

How much time do you spend per day on your favourite apps? How about per week? The figure is likely…

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7 mental health campaigns that show people really care

This year’s UK Mental Health Awareness Week ran from 14th to 20th May, helping to increase understanding and reduce stigma…

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9 tips for recruiting through social media

How do you find the best talent for your business? Where are the standout candidates hiding? What are the best…

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May 2018 in the Smoking Gun study

While most of the country was glued to the royal wedding wondering why we didn’t get an extra day off…

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