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PR experts and #GE2017: How the election result happened in public relations speak

Theresa-May Just seven days ago the country looked rather different to what we see today, politically at least. The 24-hours before the snap General Election called by Theresa May’s Conservative Party was defined by last-ditch attempts by all concerned to win over the electorate- from mud-slinging and character assassinations to door-knocking and social sharing, it seemed everyone was getting involved in...

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Blagger’s Blog: Piers Morgan, Heineken, and leadership fails


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Weekly High

Heineken is well known for innovation in advertising, and its latest campaign- Open To All- is certainly no exception. We shouldn’t need to explain why this clip is our weekly high, so let’s not bother- just take a look instead.

Weekly Low

With the UK...

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Value added: The influencer marketing debate

hot-social-media-trend-of-2015-influencer-marketing Whilst the word ‘influencer’ is nothing new, but as one look at our blog posts from the last year will prove to anyone, the connotations associated with the phrase have change dramatically. According to a report published by Nielsen, consumer faith in advertising was at an all-time low back in January this year. For the public, the opinion of people...

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7 times social media campaigns went sour

5926ff9a1600002200ddccf8 The old media mantra used to be never work with children or animals. These days you can add to that ‘or the public as a whole, online, unless you really know exactly what you’re doing’. For brands, sometimes playing the social media game is far from safe, and winning is never easy. It’s impossible to tell when a campaign might...

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