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Blagger’s Blog— Bad ideas, good ideas, strip clubs

Smoking Gun’s media news roundup this week, with The Apprentice topping our favourite quotes, Amnesty trumping our top stunts, and Under Armour best of the bad bunch.

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Blagger’s Blog— Rotten webs, #C4Leeds, Waitrose email

Smoking Gun’s media news roundup, this week with a stark warning from Berners-Lee, Channel 4’s Leeds move, and that Waitrose email.

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Even if he’s not guilty this is a huge ethical fail

Inspired by recent headlines, Smoking Gun’s MD Rick Guttridge makes it clear that brands cannot forget that the truth will always out— from the ethical to environmental.

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Blagger’s Blog— Fake reality, monsters of Manchester, Philip Green

Our weekly roundup of media news and talking points— even reality TV is fake, monster of a Manchester PR campaign, Philip Green’s fall, Honda ditches agencies.

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Blagger’s Blog— Masculinity, Irn-Bru, UNILAD

Smoking Gun’s media news roundup this week— Captain America blasts Piers Morgan, Irn-Bru congratulates royal baby-to-be, UNILAD bought by Lad Bible.

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Blagger’s Blog— Racist Ronnies school, girls edit Stylist, Topshop fails at feminism

Smoking Gun’s roundup of media and comms news and talking points— UN International Day of the Girl, racist Ronnies’ sketch used in school, Topshop fails feminism.

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Blagger’s Blog— Mamma May, Broken Bride Registry, Trump’s ego curbed

Smoking Gun’s weekly media news roundup, with Theresa May’s cheeky copyright theft, a stunnign stunt by Canadian domestic abuse charity, and Trump’s ego curbed.

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Social media marketing for Millennials in the Instagram age

We conclude our blog series on marketing for millennials with a focus on the generation’s #1 social network, and how to use it properly.

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The perfect millennial marketing campaign hinges on video

Video content is only becoming more important when looking at millennial marketing campaign ideas. We look at what networks, formats and styles are most popular.

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