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Brands wage war on use of plastics, but is it enough?

blueplanet2plactic1911c (1) This week, ASDA became the latest brand to sign up to fight the war against plastic. It announced plans to reduce the amount of plastic used in its packaging by 10 percent within 12 months. This includes eliminating the use of 5p plastic bags, plastic straws and plastic cups by the end of 2018. The supermarket giant has now joined...

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What 2018’s Super Bowl ads say about brand messages

Football with Chip Bowl and TV Remote On Sunday the biggest sporting event in America took place, Super Bowl LII, or 52 for anyone not versed in Roman numerals. But now the stats have been analysed, and the numbers crunched, it might surprise some to learn what the most successful ads actually were.

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Suffrage centenary— PR, feminism, and equality

Suffragettes_England_19081 Today— Tuesday 6th February 2018— marks the centenary of the Representation of the People Act which gave at least some women the right to vote here in the U.K. It would be another ten years before all women over 21 had their say in parliamentary matters, but nevertheless 1918 was a monumental turning point for equality in this country. Given...

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