FMCG influencer partnership: Hacking Christmas with Oven Pride

What happened when Smoking Gun was briefed to boost competition entries for one of our favourite FMCG PR client’s annual campaigns? Let’s take a closer look.

Christmas is a key sales period for our cleaning client, Oven Pride. It’s also one of the busiest and most competitive times of the year for many FMCG brands.

To help them cut through the noise and save busy mums time in the kitchen, we teamed up with lifestyle blogger, Domestic Gothess to create 24 cooking and cleaning hacks. The hacks were shared on owned social channels each day in December as a countdown to Christmas. They were also given away as a ‘12 days of Hackmas’ competition for winners to create the hacks at home.



Throughout the campaign, we were asked to:

*Drive 10,000 unique visits to the Oven Pride website
*Secure five pieces of quality press coverage
*Increase the number of competition entries by 10% compared to the previous year’s promotion (4,458)
*Generate a combined social media engagement rate higher than the industry average of 1%



Strategy & Plan

Domestic Gothess was selected because of her influence in the cooking and lifestyle sector along with her strong visual production work. We asked her to create a mixture of video and photography for the hacks, which included condiment bottles used to pipe icing and a vegetable peeler used on chocolate to create chocolate curls. Each hacks was shared on her social channels, those of Oven Pride and also with the media.

We hosted the ‘12 days of Hackmas’ competition on the Oven Pride website to help drive traffic and supported with competition posts on social channels.

Measurement & Evaluation

The success of the campaign was measured on social engagement, website traffic and quality media coverage, measured against the set KPIs.


Our Oven Pride Hackmas campaign garnered the following results:

*8,239 website visitors

*25,743 web sessions

*Entries boosted by 208% compared with previous year 

*18,858 Facebook impressions

*1,682 Facebook engagements

*10,988 Twitter impressions

*More than 200% industry average for Twitter engagement

* The overall campaign generated a 6.4% engagement rate, which is six times over the industry average of 1%

*We received 13,713 entries to the Hackmas competition, compared to 4,458 last year

*9 pieces of coverage including 3 national media hits on Mail Online, The Sun and My Weekly


8,239 website visitors
25,743 web sessions
Entries boosted by 208%
More than 200% industry average for Twitter engagement
Overall engagement over 6 times higher than industry average