MFI The Relaunch

MFI enlisted Smoking Gun PR to announce the relaunch of MFI to the national and consumer lifestyle and homes journalists, rebuilding confidence in the newly bought out business and emphasising the step change in quality products.


Secure national consumer and key trade media coverage to relaunch the business, communicating key business messages
Showcase hero products to media
Begin to create a social media community

Strategy & Plan

MFI needed a big launch to showcase the new look brand proposition, bury its past flat pack reputation and present the new product range to as many home and lifestyle journalists as possible.

A high profile media open day was held at The Hospital Club in central London to give media the opportunity to touch and feel the brand new product range and offer one-on-one briefings on the launch of

The event was brought to life via 12 stunning rooms sets created with an in-house stylist. A look book showcasing hero was created and brought to life with giant floor to ceiling room-set photography to create maximum impact.

Attracting 28 attendees and generating more than 70 pieces of coverage, with no above the line marketing spend, the event helped to put MFI firmly back on the interiors map.

Measurement & Evaluation

Campaign success was measured on the following factors:
Launch event attendees
Media coverage around the launch
Social media engagement and community building


28 attendees and 6 media interviews
Over 70 pieces of coverage across core homes and lifestyle media
250 new Facebook fans on launch day
566 followers on Twitter on launch day


Over 70 pieces of coverage for the launch
250 new (organic) Facebook fans on launch day
566 followers on Twitter on launch day

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