Oven Pride – making light of oven cleaning

We were briefed to create a digital campaign to extend the brand’s key messages across appropriate online channels:

– Oven Pride makes oven cleaning less of a nightmare

– Unique bag and all-in-one solution

– UK’s number one Oven Cleaner



Specifically to use digital channels to support the Oven Pride TV advertising campaign (on air November 2013 to March 2014)

Drive brand awareness and engagement – with the brand, not just the oven cleaning category, reducing the risk of misattribution at point of purchase and generate true brand advocates within identified target audiences

Strategy & Plan


An on-site SEO audit revealed the need for a partial website build and on-site SEO optimisation, as well as addressing usability issues and increasing opportunity for social sharing

A blog was built into the new site to host keyword optimised content, help tell the brand story and use as the hub to drive visitors from social media and other online sources.

A blogger ambassador program was launched to find three brand advocates to be a ‘Pride of Oven Pride blogger’.

Pride of Oven Pride program included a blogger event at a local cookery school to inspire them to get their oven dirty, plus ongoing blogger outreach.

Our Pride of Oven Pride bloggers were selected based on the brand demographic, influence and blog post creativity.  They were sent regular challenges with assets and a detailed briefing pack to create fresh content tying in with the brand core messaging and guests posts on the Oven Pride blog.

Social media activity was supported with print and online product placement to increase OTS, especially amongst the older demographic.

Measurement & Evaluation

We looked at youtube video views, growth of social communities, number of social interactions, organic web traffic, Google rankings for organic search for ‘best oven cleaner’, use of #ovenpride, number of back links and of course quantity and quality of blog reviews generated.


Facebook and Twitter communities grew by 2351% and 5129% respectively over the campaign period.

75% of growth occurred pre-TV ad activity

Facebook and Twitter content generated:

21,200 interactions (number of tweets, mentions, RTs and Facebook stories created) by 13,600 unique users.  This created 9,000,000 social media impressions

Organic web traffic increased 6% vs. the same period last year

Oven Pride Google rankings (June 2014):

Top of organic search for ‘best oven cleaner’, vs. #3 in October 2013

#2 for ‘oven cleaner’, vs. #3 in October 2013

TV ad was viewed via YouTube 60,650 times

#OvenPride was used across social media channels to address the issue of misattribution resulting in 4600 retweets, 6.8 million impressions

31 blog posts have been generated – all including links back to OvenPride.com and including at least one key message



31 blog posts generated
6.8 million social media impressions
Facebook and Twitter communities grew by 2351% and 5129% respectively over the campaign period. 75% of growth occurred pre-TV ad activity

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