Relaunching Panda Drinks

We relaunched Panda Drinks, targeting ‘pragmatic mums’ with young children.  The campaign was timed to hit the school holidays and aimed to play on mums nostalgia for Panda, whilst ensuring the key communication of ‘no nasties’ came through loud and clear.


Relaunch Panda Drinks

Generate positive editorial coverage in national print and online media

Leverage blogger coverage and trial amongst the mummy blogger community

Launch social media and develop an engaged community of ‘pragmatic mums’

Support Panda Drinks August/September advertising campaign

Strategy & Plan

To launch the product, we wanted to remind journalists of the times they used to enjoy Panda Drinks, while educating them about the new recipe which is still and contains no nasties (added sugar or artificial colours or flavours).


In order to help develop these feelings of nostalgia and drive product placement coverage, we created a series of branded lunch boxes and delivered them to target media. We also created special blogger summer fun packs which were sent out to to mummy and daddy bloggers across the country, along with Panda samples to review. The summer fun packs also included old fashioned toys and suggested games such as hopscotch, kirby and tag.


We supported the product placement through a programme of competitions, which allowed us to secure controlled media coverage in a range of target media.


The final media relations aspect of campaign was the commissioning of consumer research leading to a national news story, which revealed that the happiest place to grow up in the UK is Norwich. This story generated national and regional media coverage across print and online and created a great talking point for the brand.


Throughout the whole campaign we built an engaged and interested social media audience for Panda Drinks across Facebook and Twitter through a range of engaging posts and by encouraging UGC with competitions and promotions.

Measurement & Evaluation

The success of the campaign was measured by the number of media hits, number of opportunities to see alongside the size and engagement level of Panda’s new social media communities.


Also, looking at the number of shares for online coverage gives a clearer picture of how engaging the story was.


82 pieces of media coverage


Total OTS: 234,930,919


Panda’s social media community has launched and grown to: 2,237 Facebook fans and 1,982 Twitter followers


This led to 9,200 interactions (Twitter mentions, retweets and Facebook likes, shares and comments), which were produced by 4,600 unique users and led to  4.1 million impressions (the combined number of potential users that saw any of Panda Drinks content both across Facebook & Twitter)


During the course of the campaign Panda Drinks mentions across the web went up from 0 to 1,288


Mailonline story was shared 12,000 times by readers of the website alone
Over 200 million opportunities to see where created
Over 4 million social media impressions during three month period from launch