Silentnight – the UK’s leading sleep expert

As the UK’s leading bed manufacturer, Silentnight prides itself on being more than just a bed brand. Products are developed, tested and manufactured in the UK in its factory and in-house laboratory facilities.

A new bed and mattress is a considered purchase which only happens every 7-10 years, with this is in mind one of Silentnight’s core PR objectives is to cement its position as the UK’s leading sleep expert ensuring that the brand is front of mind at all stages of the customer journey.


Generate share of voice for Silentnight across traditional and social media, positioning it as the ‘UK’s leading sleep expert’


Minimum 20 pieces of national news coverage communicating Silentnight’s sleep expertise

Ensure the key message ‘sleep expert’ is communicated in minimum 50% of total coverage

Utilise Silentnight’s website and social media channels to communicate the brand positioning

Demonstrate ROI for Silentnight’s partnership with external sleep expert Dr Nerina Ramlakhan

Strategy & Plan

Hard working media relations and social media content to generate share of voice for Silentnight as the UK’s leading sleep expert throughout the year

The launch of a dedicated ‘sleep expertise’ campaign to give the brand ownership of the subject and create unique content for Silentnight’s website and social media channels

Ensuring that Dr Nerina is always referred to as ‘Silentnight’s sleep expert’ to ensure that her credentials are intrinsically linked with the brand

All content to work hard across all owned channels to reach and engage consumers at multiple touch points


  • Media relations ongoing throughout the year
  • Sleep clinic – two phases
  • Geltex media launch event
  • Social media support


Measurement & Evaluation

We regularly survey Silentnight’s social media community for insights on brand sentiment, key message penetration, purchase intent and feedback on wider social media content.


We apply the following metrics to all campaign activity:

  • Total coverage vs. % in tier one media list
  • Key message penetration
  • Coverage OTS and cost per eyeball
  • Sentiment
  • Traffic to Silentnight website from social media channels and wider PR activity
  • Social media fan/follower growth
  • Content engagement (likes, comments, shares), reach and total impressions


38 pieces of national news coverage, 90% above KPI set. Stories appeared in all major nationals

  • Sleep expert features in 56% of coverage
  • 15 media attended Geltex launch event, 64% of coverage generated includes product innovation messaging

We created a dedicated ‘sleep expertise’ section within Silentnight’s website

  • Sleep Clinic content generated 3,316 unique page views on site and 200+ sign ups
  • 70% of visitors to the Sleep Clinic section of the site were new web visitors
  • Average time on page was 72% higher than the site average
  • Visits to the Silentnight website were up 42% in August 2013 (Sleep Clinic launch) vs. the month before
  • Dr Nerina video content has been viewed 13,211 times

72% of the Silentnight Facebook community surveyed* associate ‘sleep expertise’ with Silentnight, 81% agree that ‘Silentnight is the UK’s leading sleep expert’

10 beds seeded to Dancing on Ice celebs with a total Twitter following of 792,100






81% of customers surveyed agree Silentnight is the ‘UK’s leading sleep expert’
Dr Nerina was included in 176 pieces of media coverage, equating to 36,156 eyeballs per £ spent (on Dr Nerina’s annual fee)
38 pieces of national news coverage, 90% above KPI set. Stories appeared in all major nationals

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