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Has the (magazine) world finally lost th...

Bauer Media’s Executive Director Stuart Williams has blamed a weak year in music for the publisher’s fall in circulation of Kerrang! and Q magazines.

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SKY continues to buy

Sky 1 invested less than BBC1, ITV1, Channel 4 and BBC 2 on original programming, with Channel 5 being the only major to fork out less on production

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To market to millennials you must unders...

Forget generation snowflake, think generation conscious— to market to millennials you need to get where they are coming from, and where the world has been.

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Perfect your millennial marketing strate...

We may be keen to show brands the ins and outs of millennial marketing, but it’s also worth getting ready for what’s just around the corner.

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Marketing to millennial consumers relies...

How do you reach the demographic that can’t be reached? For starters stop lumping them all together, then read these key points about millennial consumers.

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Beyond digital: Marketing to millennials...

Digital dominates the millennial marketing agenda, but more and more firms are targeting this demographic with campaigns in real life, and it’s working.

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Forget the message, disrupt consumer hab...

Traditionally brands have focussed on message delivery to position themselves, but this ignores a fundamental truth in human psychology— we consume out of habit, not choice.

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Top tips for broadcast media success

Inspired by our recent success with BBC Breakfast and Silentnight, we asked our in-house experts to offer some top tips on securing broadcast media success.

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