B2B marketing: Why GIFs work for business, not just laughs

LinkedIn has just rolled out the Tenor GIF keyboard within its messaging platform, a move that raises one big question. Are short, looped video clips of people and animals doing stupid things really appropriate B2B fodder? Or, to put that another way, can a meme sell a serious idea? Well, yes and no. You’ll need to keep a close eye...

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Best online platforms for digital storytelling

IMG_0391 The oldest art form in history has long since had its 21st Century awakening, but that doesn’t mean we all know the right tools with which to etch our tales into the world wide cave. Here are six of the most effective, and how best to use them.


Not just the daddy but the mummy of our list too,...

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5 tips for great social media video content, from our experts

1200px-Film_Crew No need to thank us. We tasked Smoking Gun’s talented digital team with putting together a short but very sweet clip, dedicated to the art of making great social media video content for your brand. Trailer over, here’s the main attraction… @SmokingGunPR shares insider tips on creating great #socialmedia #video content for #brands Click To Tweet Tip 1 Ensure all your...

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