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What is PR measurement actually doing fo...

Agencies and departments must step up and show real, tangible evidence of their impact on business KPIs in order for PR measurement to be taken seriously.

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Top tips for selling-in real life featur...

Expert advice on working with compelling case studies that lead to strong real life features news editors won’t be able to resist.

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10% of UK public sector campaign budgets...

New UK government guidelines reiterate what we have been saying for years— effective PR evaluation and measurement is vital for comms success.

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Slashing red ink? Don’t slow down ...

When times are tough it doesn’t make sense to bury your head in the sand and reign in budgets. A great PR strategy is a cost-effective way of reinstating brand dominance, reaching new customers and stealing valuable column inches.

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Public relations expert masterclass: Bob...

We attended the CIPR Northern Conference in Newcastle, now here are our key learnings from one of the best the PR business has ever seen.

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6 steps to a great reputation management...

Reputation management is not a reactive response, but an ongoing science. We show you how to ensure you have the right plan in place to monitor sentiment, improve loyalty and put fires out if they start.

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