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We are what we eat: The best veggie food...

It’s Veggie Month in the UK, and so we’re looking at the best examples of food marketing that encourage people to get the greens in.

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6 essential (and not-so-essential) socia...

Forget vanity metrics and misleading stats, we run through the most popular forms of judging social media marketing success, and reveal which are really important and which are, well, not so.

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Measuring PR performance relies on prope...

It’s no good comparing your metrics with those of an irrelevant organisation, even if that organisation is a vague rival. Logical benchmarking is the answer.

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PR measurement can safeguard 2019 market...

In order to ensure the same spending power next year, marketing and PR teams must start taking their ROI responsibilities seriously, or risk further cuts.

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What is PR measurement actually doing fo...

Agencies and departments must step up and show real, tangible evidence of their impact on business KPIs in order for PR measurement to be taken seriously.

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Top tips for selling-in real life featur...

Expert advice on working with compelling case studies that lead to strong real life features news editors won’t be able to resist.

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