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What is social media marketing doing for...

To answer ‘what is social media marketing doing for your brand identity?’ ask some other questions too, on everything from company history to product range.

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6 steps to choosing a social media agenc...

Brands and marketing agencies alike struggle to prove ROI from social media efforts, so here’s what you need to consider when attempting to buck the trend.

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So you think you don’t need a soci...

We crunch numbers from the Edelman Trust Survey that suggest networks are complex beasts and difficult to tame sans social media agency.

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PR campaign question: Are influencers mo...

Influencers are valued far higher than celebrities in the beauty sector. We look at why, and what brands stand to gain.

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Influencing influencers— why brands ar...

Our big gun, Rick Guttridge, explains how so many companies are looking in the wrong place for influencers, and how big data can be used to ensure you’re collaborating with the best possible voices for your sector.

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Social media for business— Major updat...

We run through the latest and greatest changes on all the major networks— Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat and Twitter— to get your social media for business bang up to date, identifying key trends in the process.

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