Usage insights: The time well-spent movement and nanny state

Friends with smart phone outdoor How much time do you spend per day on your favourite apps? How about per week? The figure is likely to be more than most would care to admit, but fresh features rolled out by two of the biggest names in social are about to make finding out far easier.

Introducing usage insights

It started with new coding found...

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9 tips for recruiting through social media

Social media network, searching for professional stuff, head hunter job, employment concept. 3d illustration How do you find the best talent for your business? Where are the standout candidates hiding? What are the best ways of getting your company noticed amongst job seekers? These are just some of the questions recruiters and managers should be asking themselves in a bid to fill available positions more efficiently. And it’s not hard to see why— firms...

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Social media agency: 15 facts and stats about LinkedIn at 15

Seoul, korea - August 9, 2014 : Businessman figurines & Linkedin logo on Apple iPad. Linkedin is a business-related social networking website. The world’s number one professional social network, LinkedIn just turned 15 years young, making it the oldest of the biggest social media platforms currently keeping people in touch with one another. Like any obsessed social media agency we were inspired by last week’s birthday, and so today present no less than 15 facts and stats relating to the community in question....

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Hot Cross Guns: The Taste Test

IMG_9028 The guns fancy themselves as ‘taste pioneers’ and have recently taken to taste testing all things festive. Having given Easter eggs a go last year and Christmas sandwiches in December, we thought we’d give the holy grail of spring snacks a try this Easter: hot cross buns. Whether you prefer them toasted or not, we’ve explored all angles and trust...

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