Smoking Gun shared best practice in PR measurement to celebrate AMEC Measurement Month

Smoking Gun shared  its knowledge and that of other industry leading experts via a free event aimed at in-house marketers during AMEC’s international Measurement Month.

PR measurement

Measurement Month is a global education campaign run by the Association of Measurement and Evaluation Companies (AMEC) aimed at educating communications professionals on the latest thinking in measuring, evaluating and proving the success of public relations activities.

The event, themed ‘How to Avoid Garbage in, Gospel out’ offered  practical guides to modern PR measurement.

The agency showcased its original take on modern PR evaluation – an animation featuring Wilamena no mates, overcoming the odds in a current PR fairy tale, watch on:

‘How to Avoid Garbage in, Gospel out’ offered practical guides to modern PR measurement. (scroll down for the slides)

The speakers shared best practice insights and tips on what it looks like to live in the ‘Land of Intelligent Measurement’, how to get the best value, performance and results in your PR, and Social Media Comms.

Attendees discoverer what intelligent dashboards look like, what to measure and what to ignore, and how to stop doing ‘Fluffy PR’ or becoming a ‘Digital Dinosaur’ to avoid ‘Garbage in, Gospel out’.

By bringing the global AMEC Measurement Month to Manchester we updated on what the new AMEC Integrated Framework means to you, and how to be smarter in your evaluation, measurement and iteration to create more insightful creativity, harder working campaigns and better ROI.

The event featured a pool of great presenters, each sharing their latest insights and thinking including:
AMEC event - 3 speakers
•Rick Guttridge ‘How to stop doing Fluffy PR – it’s not in the meat it’s in the motion’

•Steph Bridgman  ‘the seven habits of highly effective media analysts’.

•Andy Green on ‘Future Planning Tools – and the myths of the Digital Natives and the rise of the Digital Competents’



AMEC’s Measurement Month is simply the best thing to have happened to address these issues – it brings together practitioners, clients, agencies and academics all collaborating to achieve one simple aim –spreading the word about meaningful communication measurement techniques”

Richard Bagnall
CEO, Prime Research UK and Chair Elect, AMEC


Click on this link to find out more about the AMEC Integrated Evaluation Framework.