From press trips to conferences and expos, our public relations staff have the knowledge and expertise to get your PR campaign off the ground safely and keep it flying high, no matter how far flung your objectives.

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Award winning travel PR Agency

This travel Public Relations company awaits your booking.

From driving bums on seats, footfall at festivals and holiday bookings, to managing high profile events, sending press on luxury travel junkets and dealing with crisis within hotels and beyond, we’re well respected as a national travel PR agency.

However,  we don’t just position ourselves as a specialist travel Public Relations firm but focus on forward thinking, innovative and creative public relations solutions to match a wealth of brands and variety of needs. By paying meticulous attention to planning and gaining a real understanding of the customers our clients want us to influence, our staff can develop content to engage the public and media, achieving tangible results through strategy and ingenuity. We deliver travel PR campaigns that change what stakeholders think, feel and do.

All of our travel PR campaigns are guaranteed to include cutting edge insights and robust measurement to make sure we’re all aboard a return journey to success.  There’s no one way tickets around here!

Read more about our success with the multi-award winning Tunnel To Barbados campaign for Virgin Holidays.

Our facilities include:

*Press rooms / offices across B2B and B2C including Lates, Press Trip Management etc

*Trade media thought leadership

*Product / route / package launches

*Experiential marketing

*Press and blogger junkets

*News generation

*Campaign development and implementation

*Crisis management

*Client training

*Social media marketing including social advertising

*Content marketing and link building

*Press and trade shows

*Public exhibitions and expos

Rest assured, if you make a booking with us you’ll be treated like a First Class passenger all the way, so call us now to hear how we can help boost your reputation and send your sales soaring on 0161 839 1986

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    Virgin Holidays – Tunnel to Barbados

    Virgin Holidays came to us to create a disruptive, engaging experiential PR stunt to raise awareness of its direct holidays from Manchester to Barbados.So we brought Barbados to... Read More

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    Bringing the Tudors on Tour

    When Historic Royal Palaces got in touch in search of PR support ahead of the Tudors on Tour arriving here in the North West for the first time, we jumped at the chance to take part in... Read More

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    Red Bull Harbour Reach 2015 – SGPR making waves!

    When Red Bull got in touch in search of PR support ahead of their annual Harbour Reach competition in the historic Liverpool Albert docks, we jumped at the chance to get some gnarly... Read More
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