Although we wouldn’t claim to specialise in one particular field, we offer specialist services to specific sectors and a targeted approach to creative problem solving. This means that whether you’re looking to broadcast a new game changing professional product or want to spread the word about a holiday destination on the rise, our experts can deliver the necessary ingenuity to make an impact.


Homes & Interior PR

We love good pictures, savour stunning design, appreciate ergonomics, and understand the pride in keeping your own castle spotlessly clean. So getting in bed with Silentnight, Paint By Conran, MFI, Outdoor Chic, Taskers, and Victoria Plumb, was a pleasure.

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Food PR

Our worldly taste buds relish any opportunity to represent food brands. Don’t take our word for it, though, ask long-standing clients such as Greenhalgh’s Craft Bakery, Panda Liquorice, and Butlers Farmhouse Cheeses.

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Consumer technology PR agency

Gadgets, gizmos, contraptions put together in the garden shed. We love great inventions of all shapes and sizes, and have an enviable reputation for consumer tech PR, including Hex Bugs and the world’s toughest smartphone.

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Pet PR

Tireless toil helped make Crufts a success, part of our undertaking for The Kennel Club. Elsewhere, My Social Petwork’s UK launch was a celebrated event made possible thanks to our deft media handiwork. And those are really just for starters.

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Automotive PR

After driving campaigns for brands such as Nissan, Carcraft, Kumho Tyres, and Jaguar, we have the technical knowledge to get any car related concept moving- whether it’s a new electric model or traditional combustion engine.

Corporate Social Responsibility campaigns, dealership press rooms, and major brand campaigns for some of the most prestigious names in the motoring world have all kept us busy in the past. And experience like that means brands have confidence when we are in their media driving seat.

Smoking Gun PR’s established reputation in automation results from work alongside second hand franchises and global car giants alike, all of whom have been serviced with bold, daring, and ultimately highly successful campaigns. Combining the creative spark with a knowledge of how to engineer the best results, there really is nothing we can’t achieve.

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Travel, Tourism & Leisure PR

Focused on adventurous ideas, we’ve also clocked up miles and miles across the high seas, and can captain any travel and leisure campaign. Whether that’s for a luxury tour operator, UK trade event, regional or national tourist board.

From driving bums on seats, footfall at festivals and holiday bookings, to managing high profile events, sending press on luxury travel junkets, and dealing with deaths in hotels, we’re well versed in the world of travel, leisure and tourism PR.

We don’t position ourselves as a specialist travel PR firm, nor a niche social media agency, but focus on forward thinking, innovative and creative public relations solutions to match a wealth of brands and variety of needs. By paying meticulous attention to planning and gaining a real understanding of the customers our clients want us to influence, our staff can develop content to engage the public and media, achieving tangible results through strategy and ingenuity.

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Sports PR

Manchester United, Red Bull Harbour Reach, Mountain Hardwear, Men’s Health Survival of the Fittest… With such a rich history, our staff have a great reputation when it comes to active brands and the media.

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