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Here at Smoking Gun we’re better than the best when it comes to working with public-facing brands. That’s why we can tell people about our award-winning consumer PR agency work.

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Consumer PR

Whether it’s a new product that needs a triumphant launch, an event you want to sell out or a public relations and marketing team you can rely on to handle your entire press and communications arm, our track record speaks for itself. A reputation cemented through groundbreaking ideas and lateral thinking.

Working across multiple sectors- from FMCG and food and drink to automotive and homes and gardens- we have the ingeniousness, innovation and dogged determination to increase exposure, start conversations and improve sentiment for your brand. And that’s just for starters.

As digital natives we work across all media, from print to mobile, spreading the required message to your masses. Our industry experts secure broadsheet cover spreads with their exceptional press contacts, engage in blogger outreach to make sure today’s tastemakers  are all on side, and represent clients in every conceivable way to claim 360-degree press, marketing and publicity results, taking into account every channel that matters.

We don’t consider ourselves an external force, but team players and collaborators keen to work alongside businesses and brands. Our goal is to understand the company position and voice, listen to requirements and help map out future plans through media mentoring and management, boosting growth potential. The exciting, stand out projects and campaigns we deliver to consumer PR clients outperform the competition time and time again. The kind of results that are memorable, and offer an inherent and unarguable value for money.

Better yet, we can prove it.

At Smoking Gun PR we gave up on Advertising Value Equivalents prior to opening our doors for business- a long time before the rest of the pack even started questioning the process. Instead opting for our unique and trophy-claiming eyeballs-per-£ reportage, it’s safe to say you won’t find a clearer breakdown of agency accomplishments on your behalf.

Every business we make an effort for understands the exact return on investment by way of exposure and opportunities to see the brand, rather than irrelevant comparisons based on what spend would have been if budgets were allocated elsewhere. So, it’s unsurprising our staff are consistently praised not just for their hardworking performance, but also the ability to deliver Smoking Gun evidence of exactly what they have done. Vital peace of mind for any business striving to secure genuine and long-lasting consumer PR success.

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Case File

Persil – Cook With the Kids

We were tasked with creating noise around the launch of a harder working formula of leading FMCG brand - Persil Washing Up Liquid.We wanted a campaign with meaning which touched vital... Read More

Case File

Peanut Hottie – brewing up a storm for peanut butter lovers

Peanut Hottie is the world's first ever peanut hot drink, invented by a lover of peanut butter who had a vision one evening when eating the stuff directly from the jar!We were called... Read More

Case File

Flava-it – spreading #meatlust – a food PR campaign

The Flava People tasked us as its food PR agency with supporting the launch of three special edition ‘Meat Lust’ varieties of its Flava-it meat marinade over a four-month period.The... Read More

Case File

Relaunching Panda Drinks

We relaunched Panda Drinks, targeting 'pragmatic mums' with young children.  The campaign was timed to hit the school holidays and aimed to play on mums nostalgia for Panda, whilst... Read More
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