Celebrity and Expert Endorsements

Celebrity and Expert Endorsements

At Smoking Gun PR we understand that celebrities can and often do help to sell products and brands. Which isn’t to say celebrity endorsements are a sure-fire winner, although you don’t have to look far for successful examples.


Tom Cruise’s Wayfarer sunglasses, the “lean, mean, fat-reducing grilling machine” George Foreman was so proud to put his name on, Gary Linekar’s favourite crisps. When famous faces tie themselves to companies the results can be staggering. In contrast, Kerry Katona and Iceland evidence how important it is for any business to tread carefully when trying to select potential ambassadors.


We have paired our clients with prominent public figures from the fashion, entertainment and sporting worlds on request, offering them expert guidance on choosing the perfect match. Meanwhile, our staff have also helped guide firms through the process of distancing themselves from affiliated faces.


Needless to say, the power of a strong identity isn’t limited to the stars. The likes of Silentnight and Bio-Strath have benefited from campaigns featuring doctors, medical and dietary professionals, meanwhile we make it our business to source comments and recommendations from trusted professional sources, adding all important weight to news stories and public relations campaigns.


By adding recognisable personalities to products, and names people believe in to brands, our team have helped consumer and B2B businesses alike build strong reputations as favoured manufacturers and service providers, assisted in no small part by notable recommendations from key spokespeople. Hence the number of trusted firms on our client roster that have benefited from the winning combination of quality ideas matched with popular figureheads.