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Preparation is everything when it comes to handling a crisis

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Crisis Management

It has happened to the biggest and best of them. Corporate reputations can burn to the ground in days when an unexpected public relations crisis arises.

Sometimes this can’t be helped, other times it can. Irrespective, how you respond and manage that situation means the difference between future boom and bust.

Erroneous oversights, poor judgement and bad taste have all landed major firms in unnecessarily hot water with consumers. The way a brand prepares its PR response to such scenarios is crucial, and without successful reparations chances are you stand little chance of ever emerging from the darkness back into the light.

Thanks to our efforts in discreet reputation and crisis management, not to mention clandestine damage limitation, you’d never know some of the companies we’ve helped in the past. It’s a sign we’re doing our job effectively, offering peace of mind to business owners who know they can rely on Smoking Gun’s staff to quell the flames before they scorch a good name to cinders.

Our reputation-boosting work doesn’t end there, either. Our regular client roster is packed full of highly respected and well regarded brands and firms that  evidence how proficient we are at ensuring businesses completely avoid falling out of favour with their target market. Just consider us veteran guides, here to help you navigate the often precarious waters of public perception.

After supporting businesses in this way for years we have gained a clear understanding as to the tactics and approaches that work, and more importantly for which brands and industries they work for. This allows us to provide pre-emptive and reactionary solutions to all manner of situations and a huge variety of businesses, walking hand in hand with managers to make treading the opinion tightrope a little easier.

Whether toiling away silently, subtly or in direct glare of the media spotlight, here at Smoking Gun PR we like to think of ourselves as public relations firefighters, capable of dousing an inferno of any size and nature, more than eager to pass on wisdom and advice, and armed with the skills needed to make sure no issues arise in the future. Far from heroic, for our staff it’s all in a day’s work, as it will be tomorrow. That’s why the firms we love feel safe and secure under the watch of our all-seeing, expert eyes, essential reassurance if you want a truly clean bill of corporate health.

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