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Digital & Content Marketing

It goes without saying that every company with a future must have a digital marketing strategy. The problem is, with such rapid changes taking place, so many false prophets threatening to steer you in the completely wrong direction, and a demand for investment of time and money that often seems inexhaustible, mastering this area of brand promotion is never easy.

That’s where we come in.

A host of trophies, accolades and nominations attest to our status as an award-winning digital marketing agency. Meanwhile, our reputation for achieving great results through ingeniousness and perseverance precedes us. In short then, what our team doesn’t know about the latest online trends, websites, social networks, functionality and best practice hasn’t happened yet. And you can expect everything currently understood to be fully exploited for your brand’s benefit.

Over the years we have engaged in a huge range of digital focused campaigns. Launching entire social networks, increasing fans and followers, and boosting the web and mobile presence of the companies we love are all things that make us happy. Better yet, we have the knowledge and capacity to achieve so much more than this on behalf of your business.

Whether the requirement is to create and distribute a YouTube video series, ensure all tweets receive a timely response, or keep the Facebook page constantly updated with high quality content, Smoking Gun’s staff will excel. Take a look at our awards cabinet and case studies for examples of exactly how little hype we’re spouting, and how successful our campaigns and projects are.

Of course we don’t start and stop with social media. Our staff can manage and develop your in-house blog, ensure interested subscribers are in receipt of an innovative and engaging regular newsletter, send e-shots, develop pop ups and spearhead initiatives on every device from the iPad to Samsung’s Galaxy phones.

Think of us as a comprehensive and effective solution to any digital need. Then expect even more.

Because we have yet to mention the way we create websites and build-in apps, develop shareable branded content, and collaborate with you in every way possible to ensure every pull and push digital marketing effort makes the biggest impact imaginable. In turn guaranteeing you will never be too far from the web browsing, social posting, Internet-using conscious. That’s the reason we don’t just attract brands to our fold, we keep them here too.

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