Integrated Digital PR

Integrated Digital PR

PR, marketing, advertising, communications. Digital defines all things creative media in the 21st Century,  even if the campaign itself is taking place offline. Thankfully, then, our team of seasoned practitioners are well versed in everything from video production to social media management.


Or, to put it another way, we are experts at combining public relations with content marketing, because the days when PR simply meant liaising with journalists and the press are long gone. Of course we do that, on a daily basis- whether selling stories into broadsheets based in London, a regional rag in Aberdeen or quarterly magazine published out of New York. But our work doesn’t end there.


In addition to web and print newspapers and magazines, we have a proven track record when it comes to blogger outreach, drafting in professional and enthusiast tastemakers to engage with our brands. And then we also have the skill set and experience to improve on the public-facing aspects of your firm’s digital identity.


From developing bespoke micro-sites and mobile apps for specific products, competitions and launches, to e-commerce creation, newsletter production, e-shots, blog set-up and management, white hat SEO copy production and web copywriting, there are a wide variety of ways we can ensure your brand is both seen and heard online, placing the company in front of a truly global audience.


And this is without mentioning our award winning social media work. We’ll set up your Facebook page and Twitter handle, update that LinkedIn profile and engage with those in your Google+ circles. All of which is really just for starters. So add to that list YouTube video creation, Pinterest development and knowledge of just about every other social network this side of China.



Choosing a strong digital agency has never been more important, and our comprehensive offerings in this area can meet any requirement. With much of the UK and western world’s news coming from a digital source of some description, and people spending an increasingly large amount of their free time wired in, the only way to maximise overall marketing spend is to analyse how your brand is performing online, and better it. We’ll help you do that, and more, hence the reason we advertise 360-degree digital services to meet even the most challenging demands- irrespective of size, brief or timescale.


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