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Internal Communications

Innovative internal comms agency, involved internal communications specialists.

Improving employee engagement isn’t easy, but it doesn’t have to be hard.

Internal communications are key to great company performance. By making staff aware of how their work impacts the wider business, encouraging collaborative thinking, and providing platforms that make sharing easier, you will improve efficiency and effectiveness.

Smoking Gun provides employee engagement marketing services that emphasise transparency, cooperation, and individualism, while remaining focused on the big picture.

*Social listening and insights – keeping an ear to the ground takes time. Our internal comms experts ensure you hear and see true staff sentiment, arming businesses with an honest overview of what employees really think, and what needs to be improved.

*Employer brand development – you own your brand, but so should your staff. Allow our internal communications specialists to guide how the company sells itself to new and existing employees, learning what they want, need and love to win greater loyalty.

*Vision and values assessment – a business is only as good as its beliefs, with Corporate Social Responsibility and ethics more important than ever. With the right team of professionals you can determine where your moral compass is, and where it needs to be.

*Employee engagement strategies – understand the tools at your disposal for boosting staff involvement through better internal comms. From training via apps built with collaboration at their core, to offline initiatives focussed on raising staff satisfaction.

*Microsite and app builds – good employee engagement is about differentiating yourself from the pack. Our internal comms agency services include creating bespoke digital assets that inspire your employees, because they are designed for your employees alone.

*Recruitment initiatives – a major obstacle for any firm is attracting the best possible professionals. We have a proven track record in recruitment, whether graduate or senior level, with our employee engagement agency focussing on desks to fill, not just full desks.

*Internal communications specialist training – being a true leader means accepting what you don’t already know. We can deliver workshops in all aspects of staff management, giving you the necessary skills to steer from the front, leaving nobody behind.

Discover the complete range of internal comms services we provide by calling 0161 839 1986.

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