As a leading digital PR agency, we’ve created and managed social accounts for brands, created multimedia content, and even helped set up an entire social network. On top of sharing knowledge via client training and at industry forums alike.

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The days of people telling you ‘social media is the future’ are, thankfully, long gone. As is the era of unscrupulous and untalented ‘professionals’ touting themselves as ‘gurus’ in this confusing new arena. Well, OK, here at Smoking Gun PR we do still consider social to be the future, but, more importantly, it’s very much our present, and has been part of our past since inception.

As one of the UK’s top social media agencies we understand what’s important when it comes to a brand’s online presence. Our team is composed of both ‘digital natives’, to use the kind of buzzwords we hate, and seasoned public relations professionals that have watched as platforms like Facebook and Twitter have grown from humble roots into fully fledged industries in their own right.

This means 360-degree knowledge of how trends have developed, emerged, died and been reborn, which we share with the companies on our books.

Like most things in life, there’s a (relatively) simple key to social media success; transparency. We never pull the proverbial wool over any proverbial eyes, our results-based approach to working offers clear, effective evidence as to exactly what we have and will achieve for any firm. But as a creative business we’re also here to do far more than simply manage channels, respond to queries and comments, and ensure status updates appear regularly.

So whilst your channels- from Instagram to Flickr- are nothing without good old honesty, they’re bound to stall without ingeniousness. That’s the other backbone to our offering. Over the years we have conceived campaigns and projects for a wide variety of businesses, and their social presence. More so, we’ve even gone so far as to help launch and develop an entire network of its own. And you can’t do that without comprehensive skills in this field.

Perhaps you’re still skeptical about whether you need social media in your business life at all. Maybe you firmly believe that an in-house team is doing the job well enough, and can’t see how calling in external experts could make a difference. Or you could be unhappy with current representation.

Whatever the situation, we’re here to help.

From conducting training sessions at your place of business, advising on the best ways to exploit these potentially lucrative channels, to providing supplementary support for your current offering, or taking complete control over the social voice of your company, the options are only limited by the number of different platforms currently available. Whether it’s micro-broadcasting on Meerkat, finely honed 140-character messages via Twitter, perfectly crafted Pins on Pinterest, or all of the above and more, we’ve won awards- several times over- for our efforts to innovate, create and ultimately succeed with these tools.

Together we can win more.

Interested to learn more? Take a look at the services we can offer:

*Creation of social media accounts across any and all active networks

*In-house or out of office training sessions for staff members

*Complete social media management

*Content creation for social channels

*Content dissemination across social channels

*Bespoke banner, profile, and account image creation

*Social media competitions

Call us now to discuss what you need from your social media agency on 0161 839 1986.

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