Social Media Policy

Social Media Policy

Social media marketing has great potential for many firms, yet it also requires great responsibility. Social networks open up a two way conversation between customers and brands. With the right guidance it can be easy to ensure staff are trained in best practice, ethics and network codes of conduct. But, just like in the real world, predicting how the public will react isn’t always going to be easy.


You need clearly identified procedures for everyone involved, which take into account a multitude of possible situations; a tailor-made working model of how social media activity should be carried out, when and in the hope of which outcomes. Brands don’t get noticed by chance. It takes discipline, consistency and- perhaps most important of all- legitimacy. That’s where we come in.


Taking into account the possible pitfalls of online networking for business, the Smoking Gun team has assisted numerous firms in creating a clear framework to help them make the most of their social media investment, and avoid the worst. Meanwhile, several companies have come to us whilst fighting the flames of a reputation firestorm, and by using our comprehensive experience we helped steer them back to calmer waters. Hence this agency’s first class reputation.


By holding several core principles paramount- ingenuity, transparency, responsiveness and hindsight- our years of collective knowledge can ease the burden that weighs down on many a social media marketing department’s shoulders. With past and present clients ranging from local firms to international household names our team appreciate the demands of all markets, and any sized customer base, meaning they can meet any requirement.


By providing in depth training sessions and working alongside in-house managers to develop a bespoke social media policy suited to the specific firm, industry and brand positioning, we have helped innumerable clients develop a watertight manual on achieving success in this most publicly-controlled and therefore treacherous area of Internet-based marketing. Better yet, we’re keen to do the same for you, sharing wisdom, talent and ingeniousness to prevent mistakes, and safeguard reputations.


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