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Social Media Training

Most of us use social media in our day-to-day lives, but this isn’t the same as knowing how to properly represent a company in the online world. So it goes without saying it’s better to call in the experts when trying to instill best practice in your staff.

Here at Smoking Gun PR we pride ourselves on preparing companies for the challenges that come with operating on social media platforms. From Facebook to Pinterest and back again, we don’t just arm clients with the creative ammunition they need to make an impact, we ensure they leave our headquarters fully fledged marksmen, capable of hitting their targets each time they fire.

What else do you think our name stands for?

Knowing how to fully exploit a social network is only one half of the battle, though. Each day we hear another horror story that offers a stark warning to any company looking to build a digital community of followers. When times are good, managing and maintaining this social presence can seem easy, but the pitfalls and potential dangers mean jumping in blind is often tantamount to disaster.

Whether it’s an inadvertent error or a shocking oversight, poor turn of phrase or rash reaction to a difficult but diffusible situation, it’s remarkably easy for things to escalate when it comes to social. Fires spread quickly, but nowhere near as fast as disgruntled fans, and for a brand to truly feel comfortable implementing social media marketing ideas everyone on the team needs to understand the ideal responses to individual situations.

Mistakes aren’t the only threat to your digital image, either. The number of campaigns that backfire because of a lack of transparency, poor fit to the corporate ethos and public perception of the company, or simply thanks to the fact they are disastrously easy to mock and parody seems overwhelmingly worrying. Or at least it would if you didn’t have us on your side, giving you the skills needed to  overcome any obstacles and truly make the most of the possibilities that come with social media.

It’s a realm that many people struggle to keep up with, which is why they task an agency like us to assist. After all, we spend every day holding pace with the rapid changes and developments that continue to define this area of marketing and public relations. Our staff understand best practice, and have learnt from the mistakes of others, meaning no client on our books is ever forced to stand alone.

It’s what team work is all about, after all.

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