Things marketing professionals were excited about in 1985

back-to-the-future-part-ii-screenshot As you may or may not have picked up on, today has been christened Back To The Future Day. The reason being that in the second episode of the Hollywood franchise, Marty McFly and The Doc set the clock on the DeLorean time machine to 21st October 2015, flinging themselves 30 years into the future. Once the pair arrived, they...

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Boris Johnson, celeb culture and bad public relations for Britain

JS41560680-2 Here at Manchester’s most innovative and ingenious public relations agency we could talk until the cows come home about the benefits and rewards brands can reap from a great celebrity endorsement or affiliation. Nevertheless, we’ve also mentioned on a number of occasions how vital it is to get this right. On the one hand, then, we’re intrinsically involved in Britain’s...

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The bizarre time warp of some e-cigarette advertising

sc3   If anyone has paid a visit to The Drum today then the rather interesting article ‘Tips on how to market controversial products‘ may have caught your eye. It certainly did with us, anyway. The supporting image shows a chap preparing to chuff down on an electronic cigarette, which is a logical choice given these nicotine delivery devices are divisive....

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Heartwarming Animal Advert

This Sunday it’s the Superbowl, which in America means a massive party, massive advertising budgets and amazing new adverts designed to get the world talking. However ahead of our review of the advertising action on Monday, we felt we had to share this heart warming advert by Budweiser.  

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The Blagger’s Blog 29th November 2013

newspapers A weekly roundup of media news and talking points, sans effort

Thought for the Week

“It would be intolerable if this time next year, on the second anniversary of Leveson, the public was still worse off than it was before this entire mess started.” Former Sun editor David Yelland discussing the press’ proposed self regulation and rejection...

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