Blagger’s Blog- Blank cheques, sounds of war, everything on Fyre


Weekly High

Although this advert isn’t new, it’s new to us (originally unveiled back in April). The David Lynch Foundation offers a startling portrait of life after war for veterans, told through battlefield sounds. Or not, as the case may be. Powerful, impressive.  

Weekly Low

This week’s lowpoint has wider connotations for our industry...

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PR agency thoughts: Online advertising issues (the story develops)

_95203410_youtube Unless you’re a first time reader of our coveted PR agency blog, chances are you will have picked up on our recent posts regarding programmatic advertising, and how fake news is bad for business. The programmatic principle basically involves automated media buying, meaning brands pay firms to place their online adverts without having to physically negotiate themselves- purchases are made...

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PR agency news from the papers: Ad revenues grow

_54374154_012374172-1 Whilst many job descriptions should come with a stress warning, media sales needs a category unto its own. The task of trying to flog advertising space in print and online is no mean feat, with plenty of pressure on the shoulders of those brave enough to take on the challenge. Hats off then to the UK’s media sales teams on...

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