Blagger’s Blog- Royal cr@p, plastic in Manchester, fake BBC


Weekly High

Since our last Blagger’s Blog we’re delighted to have seen news that Manchester City Council is intending to make our hometown the first city region in the UK to ban single use plastic. How’s that for good PR?

Weekly Low

This week the BBC has admitted that a scene from the documentary series Human...

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#Dos and don’ts: How to use Twitter for business, properly

?stanbul, Turkey - August 28, 2017: Woman using smart phone on a wooden desk. The smart phone is an iPhone 6 plus displaying Twitter application.  iPhone is a touchscreen smartphone developed by Apple Inc. As Facebook continues to create challenges for brands with its ever-leaner organic reach, and concerns over privacy and offensive content on the platform grow, the other big social network is enjoying something of a renaissance. Last month we blogged on recent figures that suggest Twitter is fast-becoming the most important social media outlet for publishers. Traffic referrals to brand websites and...

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