PR minefield: Uber, taxi wars, and brand standards

C_71_article_1488826_image_list_image_list_item_0_image OK, so it’s not exactly new-news that the world’s biggest/most divisive ride share company and app has been having a pretty tough time of things lately. But nevertheless, events in Manchester yesterday have brought the issue back to the surface for those in the North West. Just weeks after Uber lost its license to operate in London, much to the...

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Blagger’s Blog- The snap election special

IMG_0271 The Blagger’s Blog – a weekly roundup of media news, sans effort

Quote of the week

“Hitler promised not to invade Czechoslovakia, Jeremy. Welcome to the real world.” Peep Show’s Mark Corrigan, quoted by @thatgirlkath on Twitter, subsequently retweeted over 10,000 times, in reference to Theresa May’s decision to hold a snap general election in June, despite...

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