The Blagger’s Blog 29th November 2013

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Thought for the Week

“It would be intolerable if this time next year, on the second anniversary of Leveson, the public was still worse off than it was before this entire mess started.” Former Sun editor David Yelland discussing the press’ proposed self regulation and rejection...

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Does s*x still sell? Lessons from Miley Cyrus

rs_560x415-130826094332-1024.Miley_.Thicke.mh_.082613-300x222 If you’ve got it, as they say, flaunt it. Since the earliest days of celebrity culture, bodies have been used to promote people, businesses, brands, ideas and lifestyles. But, despite being hardened by over a century of suggestion in the media, is it still possible to be too blue for the public? Of course the answer is most definitely yes....

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