Blagger’s Blog- Live TV bloopers, SGPR x Amec, PayPal debit cards


Weekly High

This week we’re delighted to announce that Smoking Gun has been nominated for Best Consumer PR Campaign by AMEC for our work with Childs Farm. The shortlist recognises the best in comms measurement and evaluation.

Weekly Low

Proof it’s not just BBC presenters falling foul of mistakes this week, ITV’s Good Morning Britain presenter Kate Garraway was mortified...

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Best online platforms for digital storytelling

IMG_0391 The oldest art form in history has long since had its 21st Century awakening, but that doesn’t mean we all know the right tools with which to etch our tales into the world wide cave. Here are six of the most effective, and how best to use them.


Not just the daddy but the mummy of our list too,...

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