5 re-designs that worked


Re-invention, just like assumption, can be the mother of all cock ups. One look at MySpace is enough to prove that. But for all the huge risks involved in re-designing and re-branding, the benefits can be huge. Bing has just undergone a complete facelift, part of ongoing efforts for the platform to be seen as more than just a search…

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Wednesday Infographic: Inception Explained

This week’s infographic is a little different from normal as Inception Explained is a web based infographic designed by Matt Dempsey that aims to explain the plot of the 2010 film Inception. We’ve included some screen grabs of the infographic below but to fully enjoy it, click on the above hyperlink.

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The Blagger’s Blog 5th August 2011

Manchester v London v New Delhi in the Tweetstakes, Blackburn Rovers tuck into some badly judged chicken advertising, while Troll Hunters are sought in the London area. The Blagger’s Blog- all the media you need.

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