Digital marketing agency: 5 steps to a better brand content strategy

drawing businss concept on white wall Let’s face it, you don’t have to be an award-winning digital marketing agency to understand that all brands need content to push out online. From GIFs to blog posts, videos to social surveys, without content there’s every chance a company will find itself out in the cold when it comes to public attention. There’s a problem, though. Branded content is...

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April 2017 in the Smoking Gun study

IMG_5341 § Whilst most were spitting feathers at the thought of another vote, and our hometown of Manchester began preparations for its new elected mayor, here at Smoking Gun we had other things to think about. Namely owning Easter and bossing National Sleep Month for two of our clients, hiring hot new talent, and welcoming another major new brand. Shall we...

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Telling stories and building keywords

buzzsumo_larger_logo Knowing who your competitors are when it comes to link building is simple. Brands of similar keyword importance, appearing on the first page of Google, above you, are simply your competitors. The question is, how do you tell an engaging story and build keywords at the same time? A page rank update (referring to Google page rank) is a day that...

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CIM Digital PR Bootcamp – Public Relations measurement and preparing for a crisis

Rick Guttridge talks PR evaluation for the CIM

CIM Digital PR Bootcamp at MMU Business School

Last week I enjoyed the opportunity to speak at a Chartered Institute of Marketing event called CIM Digital PR Bootcamp at the impressive MMU Business School. Organisers asked me to look at two areas; effective measurement and evaluation of modern pubic relations and preparing for a crisis. The latter ended the whole session nicely...

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