Guest Post: Should Your Business Be On Instagram?

Today we have a guest post from Alex Goodwill, talking us through the key to Instagram growth for your brand. Enjoy! Even if your business is not considered to be a visual one, you could still benefit from setting up an account on Instagram. The photo based social network currently boasts more than 150 million active users and it is...

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Social media marketing: 5 mistakes people still make on Twitter

twittermistakes1 As expert digital public relations professionals and deft social media marketing types it goes without saying it’s our business to keep abreast of best practice when it comes to the world’s most popular 140-character-based network. Not that we want to blow our own trumpet too loudly. Of course the pace of development on Twitter, and pretty much every other social...

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Food and drink PR case study: Making music videos that sell

Penut One of our recent endeavours saw us get behind the camera to produce a promo video for one of our most beloved brands, assisted in no small part by a pair of aspiring young performers from one of the region’s finest seats of learning. Read on to discover how we secured food and drink PR success through ingenious thinking and deft songwriting....

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Tunepics social media app wants to ‘define a generation’

maxresdefault We’ve heard some bold statements in our time, but the latest social network looking to cause a stir seems to have particularly high expectations. Then again, perhaps it should. Despite the constant musings over an imminent social decline- whether Facebook will fail, if Twitter’s ongoing alterations will put people off- the critics are consistently being proved wrong. So where Google+...

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The Blagger’s Blog 11th April 2014

heartbleed A weekly roundup of media news and talking points, sans effort    

Thought for the Week

“This is not the first defect of its kind and it certainly won’t be the last, but it is one of the more serious faults we’ve seen in recent internet history.“ James Lyne, global head of research at web security giant Sophos,...

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