SAScon Mini 2014 – The State of Digital PR

If you follow us on Twitter you may have seen that I went to SAScon Mini on Friday to get the latest on all things search and social. Sponsored by Melbourne Server Hosting, the day was search and social heaven for digital folk. The day kicked off with a keynote from Battenhall‘s Drew Benvie (the man who wrote the Wikipedia...

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Google+ introduces ‘promoted’ +Posts

Unknown-1 The heavyweights of social media are continuing to follow suit, with news this week that the third horse in the race is set to introduce it’s own version of promoted content. No real surprises here then. In a similar vein to Facebook’s sponsored posts, Google+ has announced the first two brands set to benefit from new +Posts; Ritz crackers, British...

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How the Turner Prize-winner defined public relations in 2013

Laure-Prouvost-Wantee-Installation-View-via-Turner-Prize-1-440x293 On Monday evening what could well be the most talked about award ceremony in the British arts scene took place. In many ways we were disappointed with the outcome, but nonetheless were intrigued by the victor’s offering, what with her clear focus on combining narratives with reality, blending various mediums together to achieve one overall impact. Which makes sense to...

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Selling fear, scaring consumers and mocking advertisers

fear Advertisers have long been toying with covert crowd sourcing, taking unsuspecting consumers and placing them at the centre of a campaign. It’s a great idea, albeit you need an original concept to pull it off. Get it right, and the potential for that content to go viral is huge. Everyone enjoys watching a good prank, and few people are put...

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The Blagger’s Blog 22nd November 2013

48625 A weekly roundup of media news and talking points, sans effort

Thought for the Week

“One of the most encouraging findings of this year’s Web Index is how the web and social media are increasingly spurring people to organise, take action and try to expose wrongdoing in every region of the world… …But some governments are threatened...

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