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Weekly High

All we have to say about this is thank goodness for Legoland, and, in this instance, the Royal Wedding.

Weekly Low

Never let it be said that proofreaders and sub-editors don’t do an essential job. Kansas City, population some 450,000, decided it didnt’ need one, and this was the result of the  atest marketing...

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Social shopping: Online retail’s future?

how-smart-devices-and-social-media-impact-your-shopping-habits-infographic--14c4b4b6cd From Facebook to Google+, social media channels are constantly updating their functionality and offering, looking to keep us locked-in to their network for activities that go well beyond simply communicating with other users. And now a new revolution is afoot, one that can help increase profitability for brands trading online. As we explained on the Smoking Gun blog last week, ‘social...

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