Social media for brands just got better with Instagram Carousel Ads

instagram-clickable-ads Whilst most of the country is talking about whether or not that Los Angeles court ruling was right to decide Robin Thicke and Pharrell Williams copied Marvin Gaye’s Got To Give It Up for their smash hit, Blurred Lines, here at Manchester’s finest award-winning public relations agency we’ve had more press matters to contend with. Namely the latest news in social media...

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Broadcast media – Internet TV may no longer be ‘a joke’

image Much as we do many things very well in the U.K. – from pop and rock music to graphic and web design – there are some things that we still don’t seem to get just right. And no, this isn’t a slant on our public transport. Take internet TV, for example. Those of you who are old enough will remember...

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The Smoking Gun PR Almanac 2014

almanac3 That’s pretty much that, then. No sooner had we finished our first planning meeting of the year we began our last. Or so it seems. Sort of. Another successful 12 months has passed for Smoking Gun PR, and our most successful yet to say the least. From exponential growth in team numbers- for both junior and senior positions- to attracting...

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The Blagger’s Blog 19th December 2014

the-interview-poster A weekly roundup of media news and talking points, sans effor    

Thought for the Week 

“Wow. Everyone caved. The hackers won. A complete and utter victory for them. Hollywood has done Neville Chamberlain proud today.” Actor Rob Lowe, commenting on Sony’s decision not to release The Interview, a movie centred on a plot to assassinate North Korean...

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PR thoughts: Why we think there should be an alternative Media 100

2585237-5933853650-no-gi So that was the year that was. Or near enough. December is well underway, which means everyone is about to start battling against the dreaded universal Out of Office replies, making public relations work harder than recovering from last night’s Christmas party. Meanwhile, as if we needed any more distractions, the Internet and print titles are churning out more lists...

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