PR thoughts: Pigs, tailpipes and skeletons in the closet

david-cameron-pig-piggate-rumors-oxford-piers-gaveston   Depending on your political leaning, and whether or not you watched Charlie Brooker’s Black Mirror a few years back, it may not have been completely surprising to learn of Prime Minister David Cameron’s apparent swine-related misdemeanor. In contrast, the scandal surrounding VW emissions was truly shocking for everyone. Without going in to explicit detail, the current Top Dog of...

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The Blagger’s Blog 12th June 2015

original A weekly roundup of media news and talking points, sans effort Quote of the week “The days are long gone when we could afford to be a paper of record and dutifully report everything that happened on our patch.” A memo issued by Trinity Mirror, the UK’s largest regional newspaper publisher, regarding its titles in the Midlands. Weekly High  To...

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Northern stars rising: Manchester’s cultural renaissance is good for your business

manchester-skyline Within the last four months alone, Smoking Gun’s hometown has made headlines for several (of the the right) reasons. Allow me to digress. In February, the Whitworth Art Gallery opened its new multi-million pound wing, turning a provincial gem into a national destination. Last weekend, Home, the largest cultural space built on UK soil since London’s Barbican, saw its launch...

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April 2015 in the Smoking Gun study

db_file_img_1810_autoxauto The distinct absence of those traditional showers, plenty of warm days, three new members of staff, a fresh addition to the client list, and a couple of major national award nominations have all defined the last four weeks. Allow us to divulge. Without further ado then… We’re delighted to announce the news that Smoking Gun PR is one of six...

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Smoking Gun named Best Consumer PR Agency


PR Moment award winners 2015 announced

  We believe modesty is a valuable asset, and one not to be sniffed at… …Nevertheless, when we have great in-house news to share we’re partial to sharing it- not so much as a means to blow our own trumpets (although in this case we most definitely are), but simply to spread the word...

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