ITV’s digital plans should interest online PR agencies (and their clients)

itven-2 ITV News, one of the biggest names in UK current affairs broadcasting, has unveiled its biggest push into digital yet, with three unique programme formats heading for the brand’s website in the near future. Online PR agencies take note, then. It’s a major shift in terms of investment, to date the organisation has been less than eager to throw money...

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The finest short-form video news sites (and where to find them)

Unknown In September 2013 the BBC asked a very simple question; can micro video change how we communicate? Skipping forward to today it seems the jury has reached its verdict, and the answer is ‘yes’. Of course the definition of ‘micro-video’ is loose. In the eyes of Smoking Gun’s staff this applies to any footage that doesn’t fit the usual broadcast...

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Persil Washing Up Liquid – Cook with the Kids

Ask yourself, do you spend enough time cooking and baking with your kids? If no, is that because you’re worried about the mess they might make? If potential mess and mayhem is the reason you don’t spend enough time teaching your kids basic culinary skills, you are not alone. A survey we commissioned for our client, Persil Washing Up Liquid,...

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The Blagger’s Blog 11th October 2013

images-1 A weekly roundup of media news and talking points, sans effort


Thought for the Week

“I think it is important to study all the holy books… As my friend Yaman always tells me, a good Muslim is a good Jew, and a good Jew is a good Christian, and so forth. I couldn’t agree...

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The Blagger’s Blog 16th August 2013

Ryanair_b737-800_nykoping_ei-csv_arp-300x205 A weekly roundup of talking points, sans effort  

Thought for the week

“We will not allow a Ryanair employee to defame our safety on national television just three weeks after he confirmed in writing to Ryanair that he had no concerns with safety and no reason to make any confidential safety report to either the IAA (Irish...

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