Blagger’s Blog— World Cup, Smoking Gun v Barca, IHOb


Weekly High

Gold award in a very competitive field. Big up to Rick and the @SmokingGunPR team. #amecawards #amecsummit — Newton Insight (@newton_insight) June 14, 2018 OK, so we didn’t really play Barcelona as the headline of this page suggests, but, as the embedded tweet above shows, we did win Gold for Most Effective...

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PR agency vs in-house comms: Do brands need some perspective?

business concept conflict megaphone businessman and businesswoman You could be a leading PR agency in Manchester, London, or another major city-player in the media game, with a stellar track record packed with public relations awards and top campaign results. Even then, the biggest battle is often proving why companies should outsource their comms.

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Russian Trolls: Why Facebook is quickly becoming Public Enemy #1

watch-out-for-trolls-67583514 As regular readers of the Smoking Gun PR blog will know, we’ve been following the fake news situation with keenness. After all, it impacts on almost every aspects of our business, from its effect on the perceived legitimacy of what the public sees, hears, and reads, to the growing malaise towards the dissemination of information on social media. With this in...

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PR agency thoughts: #SoWhiteProject, minorities and diversity in advertising

SNN0115XX-6290_1720179a You don’t need to be an award-winning PR agency to have picked up on an article in The Times last weekend about the apparent decline in requests for images on Shutterstock that feature white models, part of a wider trend wherein brands are increasingly using minority groups to avoid labels like ‘homophobic’ and ‘racist’. The likes of Lloyds, McDonalds, Tiffany, and Dove were all referenced in the piece,...

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