T Time: The gospel according to Tony

Tony-Shines-300x238-1-1 Blimey, according to some sources, it’s 3,500 years (next Tuesday) since Moses descended Mount Sinai with the Ten Commandments. In truth, they haven’t aged all that well. Despite his innovative dual-tablet presentation of the All Time Top Ten Things It’s Really Best Not To Do, Moses’ prescriptive vision has fallen a little flat in the digital age. Without the aid...

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Around 1/3 of Britons play on mobiles- so what?

games-300x169 Although the realm of mobile computer games may seem far removed from most businesses, the fact some 20million UK residents are now using their smartphones as button bashing handheld consoles each month should not be overlooked by anyone. Least of all those looking to make a digital impact. With 62.74million people living in this country, or thereabouts, any platform that...

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The Blagger’s Blog 2nd August 2013

censorship-300x168 A weekly roundup of talking points, sans effort  

Thought for the week

“Governments must not use cybersecurity as an excuse for censorship or to deny people their opportunities that the internet represents.” David Cameron, quoted in 2011, repeated by Wired on Monday 29th July within in article about proposals to censor the Internet in Britain. Click here for the Smoking...

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More items for that Internet censorship list

danger-internet-2011-300x214-1 Hands up who doesn’t feel like they should have taken George Orwell’s warnings a little more seriously when they first read Nineteen Eighty Four? Cue the tumbleweed. OK, so proposals to censor certain types of online content in the UK may not be quite the same as having a Ministry of Truth. But still, forcing users to opt out, or...

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July 2013 in the Smoking Gun study

Bike-and-Go Well, what a month that was. From consecutive days of 30-degree plus heat, to our major new client, award nominations, and participation in a groundbreaking national apprenticeship scheme, there’s a lot to talk about. Not least Abellio, part owners of Northern Rail, Merseyrail, and Greater Anglia train operators. Following a competitive pitching process Smoking Gun PR was awarded a brief...

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