Oven Pride- #ProudAtPride

Renowned for its cleaning power and eye-catching packaging, we asked our client, Oven Pride, to put us to the test; conceive and roll out a comms campaign aimed to drive penetration amongst the young LGBTI community- a previously unexplored market.

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Top 5 April Fools’ PR Stunts

April Fools’ Day PR stunts. Some might say they’re like Marmite and here at Smoking Gun, we have a pretty divided opinion within the team on whether they’re fortuitous for brands or simply a waste of time. To help us decide, we’ve decided to do a quick round up of the top 5 April Fools’ stunts from 2017.   To...

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‘Digital Britain’ responds to refugee crisis on social media

map You can’t move for stories on every possible media platform concerning the current situation in Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East. From right wing tabloids to lefty broadsheets, national radio stations to local news sites, it seems everyone has an opinion on what needs to be done. More so, everyone has an opinion on what’s currently being done. It’s...

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Smoking hot social media trends

Social Media trends and statistics. Ever changing; impossible to keep up with but always important to know, especially when running brand social media campaigns. We’ve compiled a video, explaining some your unanswered digital questions. From Twitter trends, to Facebook facts and benchmarks; we want to keep you in the know this 2015. We live and breathe social media here at...

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The Blagger’s Blog 5th September 2014

social-media-buttons1 A weekly roundup of media news and talking points, sans effort   

Thought for the Week 

“The world’s always been messy, we’re just noticing it more now because of social media.” U.S. President Barack Obama, speaking at a fundraiser one week before the NATO summit began in Newport, Wales, during which plans to tackle the ongoing Ukraine-Russia crisis, Syria,...

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