7 times social media campaigns went sour

5926ff9a1600002200ddccf8 The old media mantra used to be never work with children or animals. These days you can add to that ‘or the public as a whole, online, unless you really know exactly what you’re doing’. For brands, sometimes playing the social media game is far from safe, and winning is never easy. It’s impossible to tell when a campaign might...

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Event PR (gone wrong): Learnings from Fyre Festival

IMG_0302 It was supposed to be one of the world’s most exclusive and luxurious boutique music events, with rapper Jah Rule at the helm. The reality was some dry white bread with a slice of reformed cheese and aneamic-looking salad shoved in a polystyrene carton, chaos, cancellations, and punters stranded on a private island. OK, so on the face of it...

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The inevitable death of punk: Brands can’t be pirates forever

88798858_gettyimages-138336416 From challenger companies to rebel firms, edgy start ups to industry disruptors, for more than a decade now we’ve been told the most exciting businesses are those rejecting mainstream thinking, and striving to be rule-breakers. But I say their days are numbered from the start. Those who disagree should probably take one look at the evidence. Facebook, for example, was...

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Blagger’s Blog- The snap election special

IMG_0271 The Blagger’s Blog – a weekly roundup of media news, sans effort

Quote of the week

“Hitler promised not to invade Czechoslovakia, Jeremy. Welcome to the real world.” Peep Show’s Mark Corrigan, quoted by @thatgirlkath on Twitter, subsequently retweeted over 10,000 times, in reference to Theresa May’s decision to hold a snap general election in June, despite...

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Crisis PR: The BBC expert, his wife, their children

C6pfz8GXAAEJd3d Although we’d forgive anyone for residing themselves to some comfortable cupboard for a few weeks- such are the horrors filling Facebook feeds and news channels right now- we’re assuming you have been out and about of late. As such, we also assume you have seen the recent video that went viral, showcasing why working from home with the family downstairs...

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