Blagger’s Blog- Live TV bloopers, SGPR x Amec, PayPal debit cards


Weekly High

This week we’re delighted to announce that Smoking Gun has been nominated for Best Consumer PR Campaign by AMEC for our work with Childs Farm. The shortlist recognises the best in comms measurement and evaluation.

Weekly Low

Proof it’s not just BBC presenters falling foul of mistakes this week, ITV’s Good Morning Britain presenter Kate Garraway was mortified...

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No kidding: April Fools in the fake news age

Boring young man wearing clowns nose, glasses and party hat sitting on sofa Picture the scene. It’s 1987, and Cold War tensions are running pretty hot. From nowhere, photos emerge showing two of the era’s biggest rivals— USSR premiere Mikhail Gorbachev and UK Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher— kissing and canoodling. What sounds like the biggest scandal of the day was actually a well-executed April Fools joke. One of countless examples whereby the media,...

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PR news: Glamour becomes latest print casualty

rita-ora-glamour-magazine-september-2015-naked-2-620x413 UK Glamour magazine has announced that it will cease its monthly print editions as of November’s issue, and instead focus on a ‘digital-only’ model, with a twice yearly glossy ‘collectable’ print run being introduced. This isn’t the first and, if the recent ABC circulation figures are much to go by, it’s almost definitely not going to be the last magazine...

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